Hometown Press

Sharing your story with the media is a great way to bolster your fundraising campaign and raise awareness about the cause in your community. By participating in the 2017 OneWalk, you’re making a bold statement that your community will want to know about.

Fundraising Advisory

Do you want to invite your community to attend your own fundraising event for OneWalk? Click the "Fundraising Advisory" document above, to open a media advisory template that will alert those in your area about your fundraiser. Personalize the advisory and send it to your local newspaper’s community calendar section. If the newspaper does not have a community calendar section, send the advisory to the general news or news tips email address.

Be sure to include your name, so those who are unable to attend can still donate to you via your Personal Page. The "Instructions" document explains how to fill out the Fundraising Advisory.

Good luck with your Hometown Press campaign, and please let Leviana Coccia at know if your story makes the news!

   Fundraising Advisory