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Between July 10 and August 5, OneWalk teams large and small, from community to corporate, that show the highest number of team member growth will be recognized in the Walk To The Top 10.

Any team of two or more Walkers is eligible to participate in this team growth challenge and win the extraordinary honours that come with it!

How To Win?

- Community Teams: The 5 teams that show the highest number of team member growth.
- Corporate Teams: The 5 teams that show the highest number of team member growth.

What You’ll Win!

Teams will have until midnight on Saturday, August 5, to compete in one of the categories listed above. The top 10 teams will receive the following recognition:

- Access to OneWalk’s exclusive VIP hospitality tent
- A special Walk To The Top toast with Paul Alofs, President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
- Website recognition on our Walk To The Top 10 leaderboard
- Special social media shout-outs

As you team up, remember to take advantage of OneWalk’s Referral Program! When you share your custom referral link with a new Walker, they’ll get a 50% registration discount and you’ll receive a $50 fundraising credit as a reward.

Actual prizes may vary from visual representation.


Community Top 5

1. Purple Hearts # TEAM MEMBERS ADDED: 24
2. Chicks with Kicks # TEAM MEMBERS ADDED: 5
4. Hesty's Besties # TEAM MEMBERS ADDED: 3
5. TIED FOR FIFTH Desperate for a Cure Housewives, JoJo's Boobs, Steves, Team Bidi, Team Fortunato, Treasured Chest, YANA

Corporate Top 5

2. Team Thomson Reuters # TEAM MEMBERS ADDED: 19
3. Abell's Honey Bees # TEAM MEMBERS ADDED: 14

better together


In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s 15th year Walking, welcome to the “Power Up 150 Challenge!”

From June 1 to July 1—Canada Day—individual Walkers can score some great swag and OneWalk teams can Power Up their fundraising tallies.

GET THESE ONEWALK SOCKS* - Individual Walkers:

Whether you have yet to start on your fundraising or you’ve already reached your goal, when you raise $150 or more between 12:01 a.m. ET on June 1 and 11:59 p.m. ET on July 1, you will receive a pair of exclusive OneWalk socks.

*Actual sock design may vary from visual representation.


Fundraise an average of $150 or more per team member between 12:01 a.m. ET on June 1 and 11:59 p.m. ET on July 1, and your team will be entered to win the “Power Up 150 Challenge” Grand Prize—a $5,000 fundraising gift courtesy of our Challenge Sponsor and Founding Financial Partner, CIBC.+

+CIBC is a prize supplier only. CIBC is not responsible for the administration or execution of the contest.

This June, celebrate with us the historic milestones of Canada, CIBC and The Princess Margaret. As a united and powerful OneWalk Community, let’s take our fight to conquer cancer further through the “Power Up 150 Challenge!”

*Qualifying teams must raise a minimum average of $150 per team member between 12:01 a.m. ET on June 1 and 11:59 p.m. ET on July 1, 2017. One $5,000 donation to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre will be attributed to the fundraising account of the qualifying fundraising team selected at random. Gift is non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash or other financial value. No tax receipt will be awarded to any team or Walker in connection with the gift.


“I know that not everyone is this lucky. I met many people throughout treatment and sadly some of them aren’t here anymore. It hurts not to hear their voices or see their faces. It sucks that they were taken.

My grandson Liam's other grandmother, Donna, was diagnosed with brain cancer the same week I was diagnosed. She lost her battle just five weeks later.

The Susanators have already reached 50 per cent of our fundraising goal. We’ve worked together to send emails to our contacts, family members and friends to help us get here. We are committed to crossing that finish line together later this summer, and so we’re devoted to meeting and surpassing our $4,500 target.

We’re all in this together, so why not give?”

better together

Register. Recruit. Win one of 20-$250 fundraising gifts from Schneider Electric!

This May, the Better Together Challenge wants YOU to grow the impact of our powerful OneWalk Community by registering, recruiting and winning one of 20 $250 fundraising gifts, powered by our Official Partner, Schneider Electric!


If you’re a registered Walker… Recruit a new or past Walker with your custom referral link. You’ll receive a $50 fundraising credit in your OneWalk account AND both of you will be entered to win an additional $250 fundraising gift courtesy of Schneider Electric!

If you have yet to register… Sign up! Then recruit a friend to Walk with you. When they register, you’ll both be entered to win a $250 fundraising gift!

What’s more? When you register, you’ll be given a custom referral link to share with your friend, and when they sign up, you’ll receive a $50 fundraising credit in your OneWalk account. It’s a great way to kick-start your fundraising and keep it moving from the day you join our OneWalk Community!

The Better Together Challenge runs from Monday, May 8, through Wednesday, May 27! Register or recruit TODAY and better the future for cancer patients across Ontario. Together, we can conquer cancer in our lifetime!


“I am a close friend of colleague and fellow OneWalk participant Angie Morris. In July 2012, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent treatment at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Three years later, the cancer would return, caught after she experienced an odd pain in her back.

Angie’s journey with the disease was the first time that I had seen someone go through it all from start to finish. The whole thing is overwhelming to watch and almost impossible to comprehend. I learned so much from her during that time and truly came to understand how much it takes to fight this terrible disease.

There is so much involved, there are so many doctors and so many nurses and so many tests—just trying to figure out how to help a patient and pick the right course of treatment. Being there beside Angie has shown me exactly what the money raised through events like OneWalk can accomplish. It’s also shown me how much more we need to do.

The best part about Walking with Angie and the other members of Team Hershey is that we spend eight hours talking, exploring Toronto, laughing, sharing stories about work and our personal lives and of course listening to others’ inspiring stories… OneWalk provides a wonderful team-building opportunity for workplaces and businesses and offers a chance for friendships to grow and blossom.”



This month, get those fundraising dollars moving with your first—and next!—donation by using your personalized Spring Off $0 Power Plan.

Each week, we’ll share the steps to fundraising success, tips on applying them and your donation-raising potential when you put them to use. Think of it as your very own personal fundraising guide that will help you raise vital funds all month long for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world!

Plus, your first donation means you have the chance to win our Spring Off $0 grand prize! Between Monday, April 3 and Sunday, April 30, any Walker who gets a first donation will automatically be entered to win a fantastic Year of Beauty prize package from our Official Partner, Trade Secrets!*

With our Power Plan and your powerful commitment to conquering cancer, we can together make an impact for cancer patients and their families across Ontario… Make April the month you Spring Off $0!


week 1 powerplan week 2 powerplan week 3 powerplan week 4 powerplan

*Terms and Conditions: One entry per registered Walker. To qualify, a Walker must be at a $0 fundraising dollar balance in their individual OneWalk fundraising account on April 2, 2017. A donation of any amount deposited into the individual fundraising account between April 3 and April 30, 2017 will count as a valid entry into contest. Winner to be selected at random from pool of entries. Prize valued at up to $1500 and is not redeemable or transferable for cash.


Does your team have what it takes to make the Toronto Top 15?

Walk to the top!

Between February 20 and March 18, OneWalk teams large and small, from community to corporate, that show the highest percentage of growth OR fill the highest number of pre-purchased Walker spots will be recognized as part of the first-ever Toronto Top 15!

Any team of two or more Walkers is eligible to participate in the Toronto Top 15 Team Up Challenge and win the extraordinary honours that come with it!

How To Win?

- Community Teams: The 5 teams that show the highest percentage of team member growth.
- Corporate Teams: The 5 teams that show the highest percentage of team member growth.
- Teams with Pre-Purchased Walker Spots: The 5 teams that fill the highest number of spots purchased prior to February 20 will make it into the winning Toronto Top 15.

What You'll Win!

Teams will have until midnight on Saturday, March 18 to compete in one of the categories listed above. The top 15 teams will receive the following recognition:

- Access to OneWalk’s exclusive VIP breakfast suite
- Your very own team name kilometre marker on the event route
- Website recognition on our Toronto Top 15 leaderboard
- Special social media shout-outs

And don’t forget to take advantage of OneWalk's Referral Program! When you share your custom referral link with a new Walker, they’ll get a $25 registration discount and you’ll receive a $50 fundraising credit to your account.

Top 15 Team Up Challenge

Community Top 5

1. Hesty's Besties % of Reg Growth: 83%
2. Team Loan % of Reg Growth: 75%
3. Niko's Heroes % of Reg Growth: 67%
4. Monique's Walkers % of Reg Growth: 60%
5. TIED: Jolene's Team, McQueen, F U Cancer % of Reg Growth: 50%

Corporate Top 5

1. For Mama Shay % of Reg Growth: 94%
2. Team LoyaltyOne % of Reg Growth: 90%
3. Team McCarthy Tetrault % of Reg Growth: 87%
4. The Heme Team % of Reg Growth: 78%
5. Omer's Team % of Reg Growth: 78%

Spots Filled Top 5

1. Acosta Mosaic Cares Spots Filled: 43
2. Team RBC Spots Filled: 26
3. Team Suzy Spots Filled: 15
4. Coca-Cola Canada Spots Filled: 14
5. Team Morneau Shepell Spots Filled: 11


Team Up Success Story: Team Purple Hearts

“Last year was very difficult for my family and I. My dad, who I was very close with, passed away at the young age of 57 in February 2016 after an extremely short battle with pancreatic cancer, and the experience left me devastated…

I was so touched when over 75 friends and family members joined my family’s team, which we call the Purple Hearts. Our team members became true ambassadors, sharing my family’s story and tirelessly raising funds and awareness about our cause.

The whole team took fundraising seriously! They talked about the walk with friends, family and colleagues, sent personal emails and posted updates on every social media channel. Many of our team members, myself included, are in their twenties, and for our peers it was important to highlight that any donation at all make a difference, even a very small amount.

In the end, our team managed to raise over $171,000 in 2016, all of which is currently being used to fund Personalized Cancer Medicine at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. We were so proud to be the top fundraisers for the event!

In a year filled with grief, the Rexall OneWalk to Conquer Cancer allowed me to channel my energy into something positive, and the impact our team had gave my family reason to celebrate.

I look forward to walking again in 2017 in my dad’s honour, knowing he will be cheering our team on again in spirit! I hope you will be there, too!”


A new year is here, and with it, your chance to step up in the fight to conquer cancer!

Start off 2017 on the right foot by referring a friend or registering for OneWalk! During the entire month of January, all new Walkers can register for just $17 with promo WALK17—our lowest registration of the year for a life-changing experience!

And because a new year means a new opportunity to make a difference—not only for others but also for yourself—we’ll be sharing our favorite tunes, training tips and nutritional advice so that our 2017 OneWalk is your best yet!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all of our Step Up In ’17 news—and don’t forget to share promo WALK17 so everyone you know can take advantage of our incredible $17 registration special!


Your Step Up in '17 Newsletter!


Training Tip: Footwear Focus

Before you take that first step, have shoes that will go the distance. Footwear that leaves you with blisters and other avoidable injuries can quickly discourage a regular training regimen, so invest in well-fitting, comfortable shoes.

Nutritional Tip: Snacking Success

An engine can’t run without gas, right? So before you head out to walk, be sure to fuel up! A healthy snack like a handful of nuts will give you just the right amount of energy to enjoy a successful training session each time you head out.



"Since 2004, I have been walking to conquer cancer in this lifetime. Why? Ten years prior to that, my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent treatment in Toronto. After I had my son in 2004, I started supporting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in my dad’s honour. Today, I’m still giving back to The Princess Margaret, but in celebration of my dad’s good health. He is now 80 and has been cancer free for 15 years.

In September 2017, I will complete the Rexall™ OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™ with the team Ya Ya Sisters, a group made up of my dearest friends and loved ones.

Taking the OneWalk challenge means committing to fundraising, and I hope that throughout 2017, my team and I will once again be able to raise thousands of dollars for The Princess Margaret. The first step in reaching our fundraising goal is spreading awareness, and that’s why I’ve decided to share my story.

In addition to raising crucial dollars, though, we participants have to remember the importance of training for the 25-kilometre journey throughout Toronto’s unique neighbourhoods.

I work as a teacher and will always be the first person to tell you how challenging training in the winter months can be. Stepping up when it’s frigid and dark outside after a long day with students and post-work to-dos is no easy feat. Still, it’s important we find the time.

We have to think about training as a way to give back to ourselves. Anyone can raise the money, but for me, the best part about joining OneWalk is the ability to get my own health up to par. Each day, I set a goal for myself—whether it’s going to the gym for 20 minutes or finding time to attend a full-length fitness class. Achieving these goals is rewarding in itself!

Each winter, I step up my game and do boot camp three to four times a week. I run a lot, too, but on a treadmill when it’s icy and 20 below with the wind-chill.

As a mother of two, I know how important it is to set an example for those younger than us. We need to keep moving not only for our health, but also for the individuals who will soon cross the paths we’ve already travelled. Even if you make just one step forward, never forget: It is better than taking one step back.

~ Joanne Genova-Facchinelli


Saturday, February 4, is World Cancer Day. Step up as a part of our fight to conquer all cancers by registering to Walk on or before February 4. Make an even bigger impact by asking friends, family members and co-workers to join you and register today. Use code WALK17 for a special $17 registration rate.

Why You Should Step Up For World Cancer Day

Tomorrow on World Cancer Day, people around the globe will come together to bring greater awareness to this disease—a disease that has forever changed the life of John Lodola. This Walker travels from Phoenix, Arizona to Toronto each year just to participate in this event, and he shares with our powerful OneWalk Community why your support matters:

“My Uncle Ed suffered from prostate cancer and passed away just before Christmas in 2013. My parents divorced when I was five years old and my uncle often played the role of father for me, especially during the holidays and special occasions, because my own dad was not present.

My uncle had the best attitude when it came to his cancer. Cancer didn't stop him from making the most out of his days. A few months before he passed, we took a family trip to London, England. He was touring, learning and exploring just as much—if not more—than the rest of us. When it comes to life, I learned from my uncle to keep learning, keep fighting, keep living and don't let something like cancer keep you from attaining your dreams.

This World Cancer Day, I ask everyone I know from near and far to join me. Whether you donate to the cause or sign up to cross the finish line with me, thank you.”


OneWalk made amazing strides in 2016!

Over 3,500 Walkers marched last September to conquer cancer in our lifetime. These incredible men and women received more than 50,000 individual donations and collectively raised over $6.5 million. Way to go, Walkers!

As we move towards a new year, together as one, let’s celebrate all the good we’ve done in 2016 and commit to an even more successful 2017! We still have much to do to achieve our goal of conquering cancer, but you can help us make the next OneWalk our best yet with an end-of-year donation.

Walkers, reach out today for that first or next donation ask! And even if you’re not registered to Walk, you can still support our efforts by making a donation now. No amount is too small, and every dollar will help cancer patients right here in Toronto!

Together As One: Anna's Story

“I’m living with stage four liver cancer that originated in my colon. I had 21 tumours in my body and underwent an operation to remove my colon that would lead me to the ICU.

While undergoing my first six cycles of chemotherapy just a few months ago, I heard about the Rexall™ OneWalk to Conquer Cancer™. I told myself that if I survive, I would take part…

Doctors with University Health Network are now working to get me on a trial never done before in Canada. This protocol has only been done in Norway with approximately 35 patients. We are waiting to see if more chemotherapy will make me an eligible candidate for this option.

The next steps in my health plan of course depend on my body, but also on how quickly treatment and surgery options advance for the cancer I live with. These advancements cannot be made without the vital fundraising dollars generously donated by people like you and me.

15 years, people have been Walking to support The Princess Margaret and those living with cancer. I am proud to join 2017’s OneWalk and fundraise for my future.”

~ Anna Calder



In 30 days, you can double the difference we are making for Torontonians facing cancer. This November, we challenge you to recruit at least one friend, family member or co-worker for 2017’s OneWalk. Each new Walker brings us one step closer to conquering cancer in our lifetime by increasing the funds we will raise and the lives we can save.

2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed
with cancer in their lifetime.


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. The Princess Margaret has the largest cancer research and clinical program in Canada. As global leaders in cancer care, The Princess Margaret has the expertise to treat over 200 types of cancers, including the rarest forms of the disease.

OneWalk puts the choice in
your hands.


When you register, you'll be given the choice to Walk and fundraise for the cancer that matters most to you! These include: Discovery Research, Breast, Gynecologic, Lung, Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary, Genitourinary, Blood Cancers, Endocrine, Skin Cancer and Melanoma, Head and Neck Cancers, Central Nervous System Cancers, Brain and Eye Cancer, Sarcoma, Childhood Cancers, Supportive Care, Patient Education, and Radiation Medicine.

What can we do?


If everyone recruits one Walker today, we will have 100% more Walkers committed to conquering cancer!

If everyone recruits one Walker today...


We will raise 2x more to support life-saving research, treatment and care at The Princess Margaret.

If everyone recruits one Walker today...


We will Walk the equivalent of 150,000 km – that’s like going from Toronto to Montreal 277 times!

*Based on all potential Walkers finishing the 25km route on event day.

If everyone recruits one Walker today...


We will still have more stories of hope for those who are diagnosed with cancer.