It’s important. It’s essential. It can also be a little intimidating. We have 100% faith that YOU can reach your fundraising goal! Your Walker Coach will work with you personally to develop a step-by-step fundraising plan that perfectly fits your busy life! Log in to your Participant Centre for more fundraising tools and resources.

OneWalk Fundraising Fundamentals

  • 1. Set up your personal page online: Share your story. Upload your picture. Tell people about your progress! You’ll be driving people to this page to get online donations. You want it to represent who you are!
  • 2. Set your goal high: Challenge yourself to surpass the minimum! You can do this and you’re not alone! Together, we’re conquering cancer.
  • 3. Get your first donation today: Get the ball rolling! That first donation is a feeling you’ll never forget and motivates you to make a difference. Start NOW. Ask someone you’re sure won’t say no.
  • 4. Send an email to everyone you know: Friends, family, co-workers, everyone! Reach out and tell them why you’re taking on OneWalk. We’ll make it even easier for you. There are pre-written emails waiting for you in your Participant Centre!
  • 5. Use Technology to share, share, share: Log in to your Participant Centre to check-out your online fundraising tools!
  • 6. Create a list of people who might donate: Take action on your to-do list! Write down the names of the people and businesses that are part of your life. Take the time to speak to them face-to-face about the importance of OneWalk.
  • 7. Repeat, remind and rewind: Your friends are busy! Remind them to donate! Most people needs to be reminded a few times before they find the right moment to complete a donation.
  • 8. Say THANK YOU: Those are two powerful little words. Thank your donors personally, and then through emails, and on social media. They will LOVE the recognition and feel that your journey is now theirs as well.